Who’s got time to write a blog post, especially when you’re a busy entrepreneur? You do actually, so take 30 minutes out of your day at least twice a week to pen down your thoughts.

This isn’t a joke or a scam, because it really is possible draft a blog in about 30 minutes and make it actually be quite good. There are actually a few dozen steps I take to churn out something readable, fun and informative in less than 30 minutes, but I’ve narrowed it down to just 5 simple tips that should make you a pro in no time.

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Here we go.

Jump on an idea immediately | a few seconds

One of the biggest time wasters when writing is formulating an idea and fleshing it out. So to stop that from slowing you down, I suggest making sure you take down every idea that you come across.

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If you’re reading this now and you’ve got an idea about a similar topic, write it down and try to at least flesh out a couple of bullet points next to it, so you know which direction you wanted to take the story.

What I like to do is compile as many great ideas together and then sit down and churn out as many pieces of content as I can. You can get inspired or at least a starting point from reading as much as you can when you’re commuting, on the toilet, grabbing a sandwich to go or whenever you’ve got a few minutes.

Learn how to identify topics of interest | an infinity of experience or a minute or two

Let me take this time to apologise to everyone who works in HR because I am about to use your industry as an example for this section and it is not exactly flattering.

Whenever I have to write about topics I am not exactly passionate about, I try to find out what makes me passionate and is relevant to the same audience. Take HR, for example, I know its crucial and highly skilled industry, but as someone who is constantly hiring and having to deal with HR issues, I am not enthused that much by the notion.

Here’s where it gets interesting because I am fascinated by the psychology behind HR and how it integrates into almost every aspect of an employees journey in the company. So that will help me write a story I can relate to well.

Research, but be smart about it | 3-5 minutes if you’re smart about it

Use Google.

Don’t copy every single link and article, but pick one or two reputable sources and use them as background information. You shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes.

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Flesh out your story fast | 10 minutes

In ten minutes you can cook a meal, tighten your code base and fill out your expense report. You can also write the first draft of a short blog post.

Here’s why you should do it fast, versus overthinking the issue.

The research and inspiration is top of mind, so you need to get the information out fast before it disappears or doubt sets in. Once this is done, you’ve got about 90% of the work done, but you still need to see it home.

Look through and edit | 5-7 minutes

Take a look at your work and get to editing the grammar and mistakes. Don’t be afraid to use your own unique style in the way you write, but follow simple rules like the ones below and you’ll be fine:

  • Short sentences are easy to read
  • Break up text with subheadings and dividers
  • Always use spell check

The most important aspect of writing your blog post is to make sure it is achieving the correct goal. I don’t write for myself. I actually write for my readers, who may be working in HR or are entrepreneurs looking to build a business, so I have to keep them in mind.

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Put yourself in their shoes when you’re editing and ask yourself this question regularly. If I was my reader would I care about this? If the answer is ‘yes’ then it stays, if it is a ‘no’, then you’ve got to make changes.


There you have it. A rather abridged version of how to draft a blog post in under 30 minutes. I’ll be honest with you though, it does take time to learn how to communicate and engage with your audience, but the rewards far outweigh the effort.

Keep on writing.

This article was contributed by Terng Shing Chen, CEO of SYNC PR.

About the author

Terng Shing - Profile photo smallTerng Shing is the Founder and CEO of SYNC PR, a PR and content marketing startup that uses technology to reduce time wasting and administrative tasks in delivering results. Based in Singapore, Terng Shing has been focused on helping startups and SMEs build their brand story through media and content.

His experience includes a decade of work in PR and communications agencies, managing top-tier fortune 500 companies to the leading startups in Southeast Asia. Terng Shing has a passion for innovative communications and is convinced that PR is the next great industry to see positive disruption.