In today’s work from home culture, getting your work done fast has a different meaning, because now it means being able to maximise your relaxation time without ever leaving the comfort of your own house. However, it also means that you never really leave the office either.

That’s why we wanted to find out what entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia use in order to make their business lives easier. With the multitude of tech tools out there, figuring which ones are best suited to your life might be tough or take way too much effort.

We got Adam Mussa, the founder of Campaignware, to share what tools he uses to better manage his day. He grew his current business organically out of his digital consultancy in 2018. Prior to that he spent 10+ years learning his craft as a Product Manager for Australia’s largest pay-TV provider, as well building and creating campaigns for clients in Digital and Marketing agencies in Sydney, Australia.

Adam also teaches Digital Marketing, Product Management and UX at institutes including General Assembly and the University of New South Wales.

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The company, Campaignware is an interactive user engagement and insight platform targeted at digital agencies and brands that use digital channels to engage their audience and to sell.

Here are the 5 tools that Adam uses and how he uses them in his words:

Warm up your email account with Mailreach (paid)

Before you start your cold emailing strategy you need to make sure your email is sufficiently ‘warmed!’ Tools like MailReach work really well where they simulate hundreds of emails to and from your account for you to build reputation against spam filters.

They can be a little tricky to set up but the results are well worth it.

Simplify your digital campaign with Campaignware (free and paid options)

If your business has a social media following then you’ll know the challenge of constantly having to dream up new content. You’re probably also trying to grow your email list.

Campaignware offers a huge variety of free digital content campaigns, from quizzes, trivia, polling, surveys, user generated content, NPS and more – all of which engage your audience, and also grow your email list at the same time!

Simply pick a template, add your branding, and publish to your website or across your social channels.

By giving your audience a great experience you can increase your conversion rate on email list growth by up to 800% over a traditional boring form.

Mailshake to help you up your cold email game (paid)

Mailshake is the simplest cold email tools you can use; clean interface and actionable data.

Once you’ve built your list of cold email prospects you simply upload them via CSV or integration, add in your copy and get the campaign live in minutes. I also love their product ‘scans’ your copy and offers real time suggestions on how to improve before you switch the campaign on.

You can also ‘customise’ your email to each individual prospect through the CSV upload and some smart filtering.

Their support and knowledge resources on cold emailing best practise are also indispensable!

Stonly to guide your customers (paid)

A different approach to customer support that’s great for smaller companies that may not have someone to operate a live chat.

Rather than working through livechat like Intercom and Drift, Stonly is based around interactive support guides and articles, and creating an interactive onboarding system for your platform.

Their support guides are designed to be step-by-step for your users, and you can add videos and other interactive content and forms to the guides as well, along with a knowledge base to house it all.

Privasee makes your GDPR easy to manage (paid)

GDPR made easy, if you’re doing business in the EU then from a risk and compliance POV it’s crucial to have a GDPR strategy – which is incredibly complex at the best of times.

Privasee make it much easier to have your data map and Privacy Policy in order, by keeping all of your documentation in one place and in order. Their Privacy Policy template automatically populates as you fill in more information about your companies practices, making it great for smaller businesses.