Rewards are an excellent tool used for employee engagement. Identifying and rewarding your employees effectively is significant when it comes to keeping them happy and retaining top-level talent. So, the key to getting the best reward for your employees is being thoughtful and thinking outside the box.

Many companies have even started to utilize rewards when recruiting as it has become their organization’s culture. You, too, can be an expert at boosting motivation using rewards in no time by considering the following tips for your employees.

Go the old-fashion way and give them a handwritten note

It is very unfortunate that due to the digital age, many great old traditions have been lost. That is why it will feel exceptional to do something as simple as writing a note of appreciation by hand. So take any praise you want to write in an email and jot it down on a decorative card or paper. Besides, you can write down a quick thank you on a sticky note.

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Try imagining how wonderful it can be for your employee to return to their desk only to find a sticky note taped on their computer. Also, that raises another lovely way to give your employees recognition: surprise them with motivational cupcakes.

Lunch breaks

Do you remember how you used to look forward to lunchtime when you were in elementary school? Lunchtime is the meal that many people share with their colleagues or eat at their workplaces, and the good news is that there is a way to make it even more special.  

Consider setting up a snack cart or table and give out goodies like hot chocolate or coffee on cold days or popsicles and watermelon on hot days. Also, it is a good idea to have a breakfast-making station or an ice cream cart for that afternoon sugar lift.

Branded tech

Is there any better reward than what the latest technology has to offer? Also, it can be an excellent idea to combine branded tech with some other type of incentive to maximize morale and productivity. And if you feel like rewarding your employees with branded tech is too much, consider other options like an ergonomic mouse for mac.

Plan an all-company event

Most companies organize holiday parties, but you can recognize excellent work by planning an unplanned event that will offer some of your employees some hours off from work. You can consider outdoor games or even a happy hour that the company fully sponsors. Regardless of the activity, all of them will go beyond helping you recognize hard work. It will also play a significant role in boosting their morale. More so, company activities tend to build relationships and collaboration between departments.

Have them work from home

Does your employee do a job that can be accomplished at a remote location or home? If yes, try rewarding them with a floating work-from-home day. Working from home is usually seen as an employee benefit and is very common in many companies. Besides, having some of your workers work from home can significantly help lower the expenses of running a physical office.

There are many comforts associated with this, from being able to sit on the ergonomic chair they have at home, to breaking up their hours throughout the day provided deadlines and meetings are kept, to investing in their own professional ‘tools’ like that of perfectly-aligned computer glasses, a combination of these factors can help them become healthier, happier employees.

Apart from needing a salary, there are many reasons why people wake up early and go to their jobs. They come to get a feeling of satisfaction of a job done well and get a sense of purpose in their lives, so following the above tips can help you keep your employees while at the same time increasing their morale and productivity.