Scott Little is the new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at WalkMe, where he is responsible for scaling WalkMe’s enterprise sales efforts, including international expansion and national, state, and local government initiatives.

Managing a global team and being in charge of international expansion often means that you have to be on the go. This can be challenging for those who have to balance both managing a team and a very dynamic business lifestyle.

So how does Scott do it? Well, to find out what tech tools he uses to help manage his day, we had him share his suite of tools for us to look through.

Scott is from Software AG, where he served as Senior Vice President of the Americas before assuming the role of CRO. As CRO, he led global sales, sales operations, alliances and channels, driving revenue growth around the company’s digital business and shift to SaaS. Prior to Software AG, he served in senior sales roles with Sigga Workforce Technologies, AVEVA, Commvault, and Oracle, where he spent nearly two decades.

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WalkMe is a cloud-based platform that provides Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP), enabling organizations to measure, drive and act to ultimately accelerate their digital transformations and better realize the value of their software investments. DAPs exist as a layer over applications, providing customized user guidance and data visibility, leading to increased technology adoption & better user experiences that drive positive business outcomes.

The company aims to increase productivity across the organization in numerous areas such as employee onboarding, training, human resource matters, customer relationship management, and even sales visibility.

Salesforce to handle your CRM needs (Paid)

Our trusted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. To grow our business, any business, our interaction with customers should be our priority. We have to constantly think about their needs. Plus, we are always searching for new customers.

Salesforce provides actionable insights into how our customers behave, and what their needs are, and engage with them in the best manner possible. With Salesforce, we can dispatch marketing strategies efficiently through automation.

Grow your network with LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Paid)

I use this mainly to maximize professional connections and past relationships. They say ‘If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room’. I try to expand my professional circle with people who are at the edge of emerging technologies and keep on the lookout for breakthroughs at companies where my knowledge of what they’re doing is limited.

Sales Navigator also lets me generate ideal clients, helps me keep track of referrals, and finds the right people to work for our organisation. The outreach search parameters are quite specific, and that’s what we want when head-hunting for the best in the professional world.

Confluence to streamline information flow (Paid)

We use Confluence to streamline information to enable our teams. With the application, everything from budget plans to project plans are drafted in a collaborative fashion, and we track who has viewed the page and compare previous versions of it.

We give each other feedback and at the same time, keep each other accountable with full visibility of changes to the documentation. My team and I have been using this for some time now, and I’m pretty impressed by how well the user experience is.

WalkMe Workstation to combine our tools (Paid)

WalkMe Workstation helps increase the digital adoption of our enterprise technologies such as applications from Salesforce, Tableu, Workday, Concur, and many others.

It’s pretty remarkable, it integrates with existing enterprise applications, enabling me to instantly search, automate tasks, and initiate processes in applications – all from one location.

I can ask things like: Where is that slide deck I need? What’s the status of my IT ticket? I can even ask what are the changes going on regarding my company, in Singapore, for example.
It’s like a concierge-like experience for all of us at work, making us work easier and better. An all-in-one digital hub if you will.

Slack keeps everyone connected around the world (Paid)

Slack keeps my global team connected! We share real-time knowledge and insights with each other wherever we are in the world. That’s crucial keeping up with trends and identify where the value of WalkMe can be optimized. With all communication done over Slack, it’s simple.

When I’m away from Slack for a long period of time and I come back, it’s very clear to me who asked me to carry out a task or if there’s something or if I have something to review. What I also love are the different channels for projects I can just hop on and all the content is there. If there is too much information, Slack’s search engine has been up to par with my queries.