Rene E. Menezes has been starting and investing in businesses since 1997 and is currently President of Involve Asia. He currently sits on the board of a diverse portfolio of companies, some of which he co-founded and his investment portfolio has included businesses in logistics, affiliate marketing, fintech, publishing, social applications and digital payments. 

Safe to say that Rene is quite a busy guy. At Involve Asia, he is focused primarily on the development of its commercial business. But how does he manage all of this and not go crazy? Well, we had Rene share some of the tech tools he uses to help him manage his team and time efficiently.

Rene was also formerly CEO of CtrlShift, the largest independent AdTech company in Southeast Asia, managing the P&L and over 150 employees in a business that spread across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

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He is currently focused on growing Involve Asia, which is a global marketing technology company that provides a platform for brands and advertisers to manage thousands of partnerships with content creators, affiliates and developers.

Founded in 2014, Involve Asia helps brands automate partner management, attribution and creative distribution from its single platform. The open platform has given opportunities for smaller content creators to work with the largest brands. With over 500 paying clients and 400,000 marketing partners registered, Involve Asia has demonstrated strong business performance spurred on by an increase in digitalization and mobile penetration in Southeast Asia amongst consumers. Hundreds of brands across e-commerce, travel, finance and more have used the platform to create and grow partnerships – driving over $1 billion in transactions.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Involve Asia has been backed by major venture capital firms such as 500 Startups, OSK Technology Ventures and Cradle Seed Ventures and has an established presence in six countries in Southeast Asia.

Click Up for better project management (Free)

Click Up is a project management tool that enables cross sharing of day to day tasks. Having a single integrated tool keeps me in the loop of the overall team’s productivity. The tool allows us to track daily tasks, manage project timelines and workloads, assign roles, and work on multiple campaigns at the same time in full transparency. This is important because then we are able to reduce stress and burnout, because the team is able to schedule their timetable accordingly and align it with expected outcomes.

Build your ad campaigns better with Involve Asia (Free)

My team and I use Involve Asia heavily to serve our own marketing needs. It is the most effective tool for us to reach out to new advertisers and partners as attributions are clearer and allow us to target niche audiences in different segments such as fashion, electronics, health and beauty, travel, and services. Precise attributions give us granular insights into how each of our partners performs through their social media followership and website assets. We use the insights to reach out to new marketers to join us as advertisers or partners. This is a key success factor in our rapid acquisition of partners and advertisers.

Use Workplace for communication (Paid)

At work, to keep everyone informed, we use Workplace from Meta which really helps in promoting active engagement and participation among our employees thanks to its interactive and user-friendly features such as feeds, live video, groups and knowledge library. It works like any social media tool, thus making it easy to understand and adopt. Utilising this tool for our internal communications keeps everyone aware of the latest company and project updates. New joiners at Involve Asia are able to learn about product knowledge and company S.O.P. conveniently through the knowledge library.

MoEngage helps with personalisation (Paid)

Customer engagement is pivotal in our organisation as we work with hundreds of partners and advertisers from the region. That’s where we use MoEngage to personalise emails, website assets and relevant campaigns for the right partner or advertiser.

Upgrade your documentation with Slab (Paid)

We use Slab for documentation purposes. We organise and archive our company policies, product information, work documents all at one place in a structured manner that is easily accessible by employees especially new joiners. It makes knowledge transfer and information search a lot more efficient.