We put Karen Ng, Regional Head of Hong Kong, ASEAN and India at Deel, in the spotlight. Karen oversees Deel’s business development across Asia, Greater China and India. She has over 15 years of business development experience across technology and hospitality sectors. Prior to joining Deel, she was Regional Head of Commercial at HReasily.

Her team at Deel is primarily remote and managing distributed teams is challenging, but that’s where technology comes into play. Karen was kind enough to share some of the tech tools she uses to manage her day and team.

Deel provides a tech-driven solution for companies to hire, pay, and manage teams around the world. Through the platform, companies can hire, manage and independently and compliantly pay workers and full-time employees in more than 150 countries. With over 250 legal, accounting, mobility and tax experts as partners within the ecosystem, there are numerous templates available to make this process faster and compliant.

Pannie Sia, General Manager ASEAN, Workday, shares the tech tools she uses in her day-to-day

The company has a public valuation of USD 5.5 billion and with many companies still open to remote workforces, it is likely that there will continue to be demand for their services.

Deel has currently worked with 8,000 clients to hire and manage over 100,000 people across the world. They have also hired 1400 employees themselves from over 80 countries.

Manage your overseas hiring with Deel Employer of Record (Paid)

Deel was created with the belief that today’s talents can work from anywhere. The global talent pool offers substantial opportunities for employers, but the practical hurdles, such as lengthy entity set-up times, compliance risks, confusing local laws, visa processing delays, complicated tax systems and hefty fines if you don’t get it right, often make it too hard to hire internationally.

Hence, our EOR platform acts as one dashboard that handles everything for both contractors and full-time employees. It allows organizations to contract, manage, pay and serve benefits to multiple employees based in over 150 countries, all in one interface. With EOR, we’ve hired 1400 of our teammates across 80+ countries.

Hofy helps manage your IT equipment distribution for remote teams (Paid)

Our Deel team and clients work on a highly remote basis – which means that providing access to the right equipment to do their job is essential. Not only that, the equipment also needs to be easily deployed with minimal tech support, be intuitive and user-friendly, whilst also being easy for IT teams to manage remotely.

Something we identified in this process is that issuing equipment can bring its fair share of legalities and issues. And allowing contractors to purchase and expense their equipment can lead to misclassifications, security risks and even fines.

Hofy solves these challenges by automating equipment delivery and recovery, and Deel uses it to deploy equipment to all 1,400 of our fully distributed remote employees.

In fact, it is so easy to use that we’ve recently partnered with Hofy to launch Deel Equipment, which enables our clients to rent, send, and manage equipment for their remote team members across the world. Organizations can now compliantly provide their team with exactly what they need—from laptops and headsets to monitors and standing desks.

Communicate and collaborate with Google Meet and Google Docs (Paid)

I would describe myself as a very involved leader – I love rolling up my sleeves and working closely with my teammates around the world. Having the platform to connect, collaborate and speak with my team regularly – be it for business updates or just catching up with them– is extremely important to me.
Google Meet is an easy to use platform that allows me to always have a pulse on the ground, and be there to support my teammates no matter where they are based. And Google Docs is an ideal collaboration tool, where multiple people can work together.

Use Roots to better onboard distributed teams (Paid)

Roots is a human resources software platform that makes it easier for people who work remotely to collaborate efficiently. The Roots org chart offers a Slack feature that makes it easy for people to find out reporting lines, who is responsible for projects and divisions and more about the folks they work with remotely.

Ramp helps make expense claims easier (Paid)

Ramp is an expenses and benefits management platform that allows me to track our team’s corporate spend. It has made inputting and managing expenses fast and easy. My teams can text or email their receipts, and Ramp automatically attaches them to the charge. There is also Ramp app and digital credit cards which help with automating expenses.