These articles showcase the tech tools that founders across Southeast Asia and even a little beyond use to make their work life a bit easier. Today, we highlight Pannie Sia from Workday.

She is the General Manager for Workday, ASEAN. Based in Singapore, she is responsible for Workday’s human capital management, financial management, planning and analytics business across ASEAN. Pannie is an IT industry veteran, having held senior positions with IBM, CrimsonLogic, Thomson Netg, and most recently SAP, where she spent over 11 years in various account management and sales leadership positions.

She took time out of her busy schedule to share some of the best tech tools she uses for her work.

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Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. Founded in 2005, Workday provides financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Getting the pulse of the team with Workday Peakon Employee Voice (Paid)

To get to the heart of employee engagement, we need more than ad hoc employee surveys to ensure that employees know they are heard and valued. Workday’s Peakon Employee Voice is a fully integrated continuous listening platform which not only tunes into the voice of employees but turns real-time insights collected into action for leaders to engage and empower their teams.

Workday Peakon Employee Voice allows me to track our employees’ well-being, manage skills, performance, motivation, and sentiments. Guided by data-driven insights, I am well-informed about updates from around the organisation and together with my leadership team, we would be able to work towards elevating the overall employee experience to empower employees to thrive and be their best.

Clari helps forecast business figures (Paid)

Clari was created to fix a business problem that is all too familiar: unpredictable revenue. With Clari, our sales team has been able to forecast business figures quickly and with precision. We have also integrated our Salesforce and Clari platforms to get the most out of both tools and work seamlessly across teams.

In particular, Clari’s “pipeline waterfall” feature has been a powerful tool for our team to effectively visualise and understand the business pipeline. Clari’s collaborative features are also very helpful for business planning. For instance, our sales managers are able to collaborate in real time to get a summary of forecast numbers and drive alignment on customer engagement, thus enabling greater transparency and driving forecast cadences.

Use Salesforce for better customer insights (Paid)

My team and I rely on the Salesforce customer relationship management platform as our single and centralised source of truth when it comes to insights on the various customer accounts that we manage. The insights we access on the Salesforce platform allow us to plan with greater clarity based on our respective historical engagements with our customers.

Manage your team with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) (Paid)

Amid a dynamic workforce today, the understanding of where and how people work, as well as the skills in demand, are constantly evolving. To ensure that we remain agile and adaptable to changing workforce patterns today, we use Workday Human Capital Management to manage our workforce more efficiently.
From compensation to shift scheduling, time tracking, and employee benefits, Workday HCM is a single unified platform that delivers seamless workforce management across our organisation.

Through this employee-centric workforce solution, we can bridge talent gaps and leverage intelligent automation to eliminate manual processes, thus boosting productivity and enabling our employees to perform higher value-add tasks. With access to real-time data across the organisation, I am able to better understand how different teams are performing, and in turn, build more robust and targeted talent management strategies.

Streamline your communication with Slack (Paid)

My team and I use Slack for our daily messaging needs. The application has the added benefit of being integrated into our Workday suite of solutions, thus making it incredibly convenient and efficient for us to complete tasks such as approving leave applications directly from the Slack application. This not only helps us in centralising decision-making but also frees up my time to pursue other tasks.