Today we feature Nischal Tanna, Chief Executive Officer at TransformHub. Nischal has almost 18 years of experience in Engineering, IT and technology leadership, specializing in the Banking, Fintech and Financial services sectors.

He currently drives key functions for innovation, growth and customer success, and oversees and governs each function within TransformHub. He also plays a key role in business networking, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Handling all of that can be challenging, so he was kind enough to share some of the tech tools he uses to manage his team and run the business.

Prior to establishing TransformHub, he was the Vice President of DBS Bank where he focused on Engineering, IT strategy, and transformation within the Cloud, Mobile, API & DevSecOps space. He was also Senior Vice President of Citibank, where he led key programmes within fintech & consumer banking as a service.

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He has built TransformHub into a global provider specialising in providing a full suite of digital transformation and product engineering services to enterprises, product companies & new-age startups. TransformHub currently has a presence in Singapore, USA, UK, Vietnam and India.

Manage your people with Orange HRM (Paid)

This tool helps us to manage and automate our Human Resources activities like resource pipeline, interview process, onboarding activities, timesheets, expense systems and much more. We also use this for our goal-setting and performance review exercise to run multi-stage and multi-stakeholder review cycles. So basically, a singular platform for managing all our HR and HR Operational needs.

Office 365 for general day-to-day work (Paid)

We use Microsoft Office productivity tools like MS Office, One Drive, Teams and more on Cloud at a nominal charge per user. It provides a good way of managing your important presentations and processing documents on Cloud which can then be shared with the concerned parties over a link. Also, a good way to store all your policy and process documents and manage multiple versions of them as and when a policy is updated.

Manage your sales pipeline with HubSpot (Paid)

Hubspot provides a good way to automate our marketing activities like managing our customer and prospect database, designing, and executing marketing email campaigns, and managing the sales pipeline and social media all in one platform. Pretty handy in automating emails and follow-up emails as part of marketing campaigns. Also helps in managing sales collaterals like brochures and pitch decks all in one place.

AWS for handling your tech infrastructure (Paid)

We use AWS to manage our entire technology infrastructure including Virtual Networks to connect and work remotely. We also use AWS infrastructure for our Innovation needs like building in-house products, ramping up when required and scaling down when the proof of concept is completed.

Manage your tasks with Microsoft OneNote (Paid)

OneNote tool is a blessing for founders who needs to multitask and wear multiple hats at the same time. I have been regularly using this to oversee multiple functions like Marketing, Sales, Technology, HR, Delivery and more. This perfectly helps me to take notes under the respective function pages. In weekly meetings, I can pull the respective note out and resume from where we left off. In the initial months of a new company, there will be a lot of chaos and crisis to manage. OneNote helps to provide some structure and sanity to the chaotic environment.