One of the biggest buzzwords of the last few years is “metaverse”, but what is it really? One of the brands looking to make it mainstream is Playground Metaverse Global Limited. This is a community driven Metaverse, which will feature a virtual eco-system and incorporating our own tokens as currency, ultimately progressing into real world utilization.

We shine a spotlight on Chief Marketing Officer, Isaiah Chua, to highlight the tech tools he uses to manage his growing team and help the brand scale. Prior to PLAYGROUND MMRPV, Isaiah co-founded Infinaco, offering digital marketing solutions to SMEs. As an avid automotive enthusiast, he also co-founded Vos Automotive Styling, a premium automotive aesthetics boutique concept.

Prior to that, Isaiah’s background was in IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and E-commerce for businesses. 

Nischal Tanna, Chief Executive Officer at TransformHub

Here are the 5 tools that help Nischal Tanna, Chief Executive Officer at TransformHub with his work

Playground Metaverse Global Limited is spearheaded by Ryan Lee, who has over 15 years of experience in the financial and capital market as a seasoned investor, trader and financial consultant. Playground is
headquartered in Singapore with over 20 employees in both Singapore and Hong Kong.

Trello to help with project management (Free)

I think Trello is one of the project management tools which really made its mark during the pandemic. With so many people around the world working remotely or hybrid, Trello is a great tool to help me have an overview of what my team is working on individually. And to give approvals or requests for edits swiftly. Everyone involved can see each other’s work so the team can be more in sync.

It also helps me to manage my team’s workload as well as tracking and understanding any challenges that they may be facing. There are other project management tools out there, but since Playground has a rather large team of over 20 employees from Singapore and Hong Kong and we’re expanding, Trello being designed for larger team management, is a very useful tool to have.

Discord for communication (Free)

Instead of communicating on WhatsApp, we do it in Discord. Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform that is very popular with gamers and streamers. Though Discord is used primarily for gamers, we feel that it offers more flexibility, tools and bots to help with team management. For instance different channels can be created in a Discord server for different purposes. It can really be anything from project discussions, to approved content and assets, gossip, casual games and voice channels for meetings with staff that are working from home or hybrid working from other places in the world. One good thing about Discord is that in a group setting of a large team like Playground, we can adjust priority speaker and also, mic sensitivity.

Easy design with Canva (Paid)

Canva is probably the most simple and versatile tool one can use for creation of basic slides, social posts or even videos. With many templates and elements available, eventual results can be very impressive. Canva helps make our presentation more lively and easily beautified, as well as we can easily use it to create newsletters and social media postings. We also use Canva for minor photo and video editing – their drag-and-drop feature is very easy to use and easily picked up by anyone and everyone in the team.

Meta Business Suite for social media management (Free)

One stop centre to manage both Instagram and Facebook. All posts can be scheduled in advance and best timings for posting are provided so that each post can reach its maximum potential. Performance of posts can be observed easily as well and tracked against to measure how we can do best moving forward.

Handle email marketing with AWeber (Paid)

AWeber is an email marketing service provider. It has simple and easy-to-navigate dashboards which makes drafting a newsletter of EDM super easy to use, even for the least tech savvy user. With AWeber’s intuitive list management, you can segment by open-rates, click-through rates and also, geographical location. AWeber also provides statistics and in-depth analytics which we will use to study to understand our audience better and the type of content that they respond better to.