Recruiting an engineer is relatively easy when compared to when you want to hire a JavaScript developer. Honestly, there is a lot of competition going on in the IT industry, and getting your hands on top JavaScript developers is becoming more challenging day by day. 

Choosing the right JavaScript developer is essential in developing high-end solutions. If you hire a JavaScript developer who doesn’t meet the requirements, that can cause a lot of hurdles, leading to something that no one wants. 

However, if you hire JavaScript developers the right way, it is very much possible that you land yourself individuals who can create a new foundation for the business. Read about those steps by going to the link that is given. 

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Does JavaScript deserve that attention?

JavaScript has been dominating the market, allowing developers to make robust solutions for enterprise applications as well as personal uses. JS became widely popular among developers to make a wide range of products belonging to niches such as games, web applications, IoT software, and more. 

According to the reports, 60% of the top global websites have taken the help of popular JavaScript or Typescript tools such as Angular and React. 

JavaScript offers a lot of benefits, making it one of the most used languages for developing applications. For instance, 

  • It is Simple
  • It allows Quick Development
  • It comes with a detailed ecosystem
  • Suited for Cross-Platform Development

Due to these advantages and many more, a lot of companies have utilized the power of JS. Some of the companies include Paypal, Uber, and Trello.

Not only companies but many developers also prefer JS over other languages, and that led this language to win the best language status, according to Github 2021 Octoverse

These analytics and number show that JS is getting the title of the most dominating language in developers as well as enterprise communities. From startups to well-established businesses, everyone is leveraging the power of JS and creating solutions that are way beyond imagination. So, we can say that JS deserves the attention it is getting because it has opened up the possibilities. 

Skillsets, your JavaScript Developer for hire, should have

When you hire JS developers, it is essential to know what type of skills your JavaScript developer should have. Otherwise, you will land yourself an individual who can only create the basic HTML page. This section specifies the details related to the skills and responsibilities a perfect JS developer should have. 

To make it easy to understand, let’s divide JS developers into three types- Junior-Level, Mid-level, and Senior Level.

Junior Level

Junior Level developers are the ones who are recent graduates and have an experience of 1 year or less. When you hire a JavaScript programmer junior level, here are the skills he/she should have

Front-End Developer: Knowledge of React or Angular, or Vue, along with CSS+ HTML

Back-End Developer: Knowledge of SQL and Node.js

Mid Level

Mid Level JS engineers have industry knowledge and are capable of handling small to mid-tier projects. Here are the skills these individuals should have

Front-End Developer: Skill in Angular/React/Vue plus Docker, Websocket, Bootstrap, and Webpack

Back-End Developer: Node.js, SQL plus Hapi/Express/Nest.js with the combination of NoSQL, Docker, Typescript, and Websocket.

Senior Level

If you want to find JavaScript developers from the senior category, keep in mind that they are the ones who have the most experience with a variety of tools and software. Look for these skills when hiring senior-level JS developers.

Front-End Developer: Knowledge of JS frameworks like Angular/React/Vue, Docker, Websocket, Webpack, Bootstrap

Back-End Developer: Skill in Node.js, SQL, No SQL(MongoDB, etc.), ORM, CI/CD, and cloud services ( Azure, AWS, etc.).

How to hire a JavaScript developer- the steps

Now that you have some information about what type of skills a JavaScript developer should have

Step 1: Know what you want

If you want to find a JavaScript developer, the first step is knowing what you want. Ask yourself the questions like what is the scope of the project? What will you achieve at the end? What are the project costs? How many developers are needed? What are the risks? Who are the competitors? What will be the roles? Such questions will help you filter out potential candidates, so make sure you have a detailed questions list.

Step 2: Write a detailed JD

A job description is a way of showing your potential candidates what you are expecting from them. JD basically outlines the project requirements, skills needed, qualifications required, and soft skills necessary for the job. Moreover, it also outlines some information about your company. Write a detailed JD so that your candidates can have an idea about what you are asking. 

Step 3: Filtering out the Resumes

The reason we listed the skills is that it will help you in filtering out the potential candidates that are best for your project. However, skills are not the only thing here. Filtering out also includes looking at past reviews, experience in the industry, and more. After you have a series of resumes, use your judgment to see whether a candidate is a potential fit or not. 

Step 4: Interviewing

Most of the guides out there will leave the interviewing process. However, we always recommend conducting the interview. There are a lot of things that you can judge by just seeing how a candidate is replying. The interview shows insights into how the candidate will perform under pressure. Once you have the list of candidates from the screening process, call them and set up an interview. 

Step 5: Signing and onboarding

Once you have your candidate, it is time to introduce that candidate to the team. Make sure to have an agreement ready for him/her to sign. The agreement will enlist details such as job tenure, confidentiality clause, pay rate, and project details. 

A lot of companies make mistakes when they are planning to hire a JavaScript developer. However, those mistakes can be catered to if proper steps are followed. We have introduced a smooth approach to this hiring process, and we believe that with these steps, you will land your JavaScript developer. Just stay calm and make sure you are doing it the right way.