As a business owner in the Philippines, you will always be looking for ways to be more efficient, grow your business, make your business more valuable, and provide prompt service to your customers. Since a majority of business operations are dependent on the internet nowadays, if fiber internet is available, it can help your business thrive in the Philippines.

Fiber-optic internet or simply, Fiber internet is the latest and most advanced internet technology that can have a huge impact on your business and business operations. With the fiber internet, data transfer can be done in a few moments and anything else that you used to take time on DSL internet won’t take much on the fiber internet.

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Fiber internet is fast, reliable, cost-effective, and has less latency than traditional cable/DSL internet. Whether you need a fast internet network for your online store or to provide fast customer service, fiber internet will be able to solve most of your problems. Below we have discussed several points highlighting the importance of fiber internet for businesses and why businesses in the Philippines need fiber internet:

Work at faster speeds with no lag

Fiber internet allows businesses to work at faster speeds. There is no question about it, fiber internet is faster than cable/DSL internet at any day of the week and it also has lower latency compared to cable or DSL internet which makes it the internet service of choice for business operations. Fiber internet has less latency which reduces signal choppiness and the lag between signal choppiness which allows you to conduct multiple online tasks simultaneously without any slowing down.

Slow internet speeds and high latency can be the reason why your business operations are not as efficient as they should be. Simply by switching over to fiber internet, you can perform your business operations much quicker which will allow your employees to be more productive and efficient, and ultimately, your business will scale quickly in a competitive market.

Matching upload and download speeds

When we talk about internet speeds, most people think primarily of download speeds because for them it is all that matters, to be able to download things fast but for businesses, upload speed is as important as download speed. Businesses have to download and upload more than an average user by uploading their files, downloading important files from data servers, making backups, etc, and for them, both the download and upload speeds should be matching.

The traditional cable or DSL internet will be able to provide you with fast download speed but you won’t get the upload speed equivalent of your download speed because it doesn’t have the technology to provide matching upload and download speeds. Even if you check your router’s summary page through the default gateway, you would notice that the upload speed of a cable or DSL internet network is always less than the download speed. However, the fiber internet provides you with matching download and upload speeds so that you can do intense downloading as well as uploading at the same speed.

Unmatched reliability

This is one of the biggest advantages of fiber internet over copper cable and DSL internet networks, it is highly reliable. Unlike other internet network types, fiber internet is not susceptible to bad or extreme weather. Whether it is scorching hot or there’s a storm out, fiber internet is reliable and you won’t see a decrease in the quality of your internet connection.

Similarly, the fiber internet is also less likely to be affected by electronic interference or power outage and you won’t see a decrease in the quality of your internet connection. Fiber optics wire also does not wear out over time, unlike copper cable which also gives it another advantage. So when you choose fiber internet, you are choosing unmatched reliability and an internet service that you can count on. This unmatched reliability can provide a huge competitive benefit for businesses, especially in this digital and competitive market.

Cost-effective solution

Since the market is competitive nowadays in the Philippines, businesses are looking for cost-effective solutions. Contrary to popular belief, fiber optic internet is a more cost-effective internet solution than the conventional copper cable and DSL internet network.

Although the installation costs might be a little bit higher because of the modern technology that is used in the fiber network, the actual cost of fiber internet per megabit is less than conventional internet services and it is the same to install and setup a fiber network, through the private IP address which may be depending on your router manufacturer.

For businesses, fiber internet is the right solution since it provides so many features and costs almost the same as copper/DSL internet. Businesses get increased productivity and efficiency, higher bandwidth, equivalent download and upload speeds, and reliable internet service at the same price as other internet technologies.