Dental startups have rapidly emerged in recent years, particularly in Southeast Asia. With the increasing demand for affordable and accessible dental care, entrepreneurs are turning to innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by traditional dental clinics. From teledentistry to mobile clinics, dental startups in Southeast Asia are redefining the way people approach oral health. These startups are transforming the dental industry and contributing to the region’s economic growth by creating jobs and improving healthcare accessibility for communities.

As with most tech sectors, the dental segment of healthtech has witnessed an increase in interest due to the recent pandemic. With lockdowns and restrictions inhibiting physical visits to dental offices, technology and online consultations became essential to maintain oral health except in emergencies. Here are the top 5 growing dental startups in the region:


Singapore-based direct-to-consumer dental products brand, Zenyum is a Smile Cosmetics company that partners with hundreds of dentists to provide 3D-printed Invisible Braces across Asia. Every patient has an in-person consultation with a dentist from Zenyum’s extensive network of local dentists. The dental clinic conducts a thorough examination, an X-Ray and a 3D scan before developing a treatment plan specifically customised to each patient’s needs. The patient then uses an app to access monitoring and guidance throughout the process, reducing clinic chair time and waiting lists.

The company raised USD 40 million in Series B funding led by L Catterton, with participation from Sequoia Capital India, RTP Global, Partech, TNB Aura, Seeds Capital, and FEBE Ventures in May 2021, having already raised around USD 15 million in previous rounds. The startup uses the capital to accelerate its expansion throughout Asia, diversify its product range, and further develop its technology stack. 


Founded in 2021, with the goal to help dentists become ‘super dentists’, Singapore-based Adravision is the company behind an AI dental x-ray diagnostics software. Co-founded by Hamed Fesharaki who has been a dentist for over a decade and is currently running two clinics in Singapore, the startup is backed by Y-combinator in its pursuit to help dental clinics better serve patients and boost revenue. Clinics can leverage the time saved by its software to identify cavities and other dental issues on dental X-rays more quickly and precisely.

KLAR Smile

Indonesian-based aesthetic dentistry tech startup KLAR Smile uses technology and orthodontic expertise to create ultra-clear aligners that are comfortable to wear and can improve dental aesthetics and alignment without braces. Since its launch in September 2020, it has partnered with over 1000 dental professionals, including dentists and orthodontists, throughout Indonesia. 

On 23 August 2022, KLAR Smile announced that it secured USD 4.5 million in a pre-series A funding round co-led by AC Ventures and East Ventures. Venturra Discovery and several other angel investors also added to the fund. The capital will help expand its presence and assist its goal of educating consumers about oral wellness while rolling out complementary products.


Malaysian company MR.BUR is a new startup founded in 2021 to provide a variety of high-quality dental burs designed to meet all dental practice needs, whether for surgery or routine exams. It partners with reputable manufacturers in the dental industry with over 50 years of experience to provide high-quality and reliable dental burs to its clients. 

MR.BUR is committed to improving its products to help clients achieve their goals through pinpoint accuracy and minimally invasive procedures. Since its inception, it has raised USD 4.8 million in three funding rounds, most recently raising USD 2.5 million in September 2021. 

Family Dental Centre 

Singapore-based dental clinic Family Dental Centre (FDC) provides affordable dental services ranging from root canal treatment, implant, children’s dentistry, gum disease management, and various surgeries. It offers teledentistry appointments in English, Mandarin, Malay, and other languages to accommodate patients from diverse backgrounds.

FDC is also a part of the Oracare group network, consisting of 45 clinics throughout Southeast Asia established by healthcare investors who saw an opportunity in the regional dental industry. 

Dental startups in Southeast Asia are rapidly growing and changing the landscape of the dental industry in the region. With the increasing demand for dental services and the rise of technology, these startups have been able to offer innovative solutions to traditional dental practices, making them more accessible, affordable, and convenient for patients. 

As a result, dental startups have gained significant traction and investment from both local and international investors, which signals a promising future for the industry. As Southeast Asia continues to develop and modernise, oral healthcare clinics using cutting-edge technology are well-positioned to play a critical role in providing quality dental care to millions across the region.