In this edition of Tech Tools, we highlight Theodoric Chew, Co-founder & CEO of Intellect. He is in charge of the company’s overall strategy and product innovation. He brings extensive product and go-to-market experience from the technology space, having founded and scaled previous startups from the ground up to millions of users worldwide.

Theodoric founded Intellect with the goal of closing the gaps in the existing mental healthcare system around the world. Having gone through his own personal therapy journey, he recognises that millions of people require assistance and require an entirely new way to receive it.

We asked him to share the tools he uses to manage his team and run the growing healthtech startup.

Ben Lim, the Senior Country Manager Malaysia of Epicor Asia, shares the tech tools he uses to manage his business

Intellect is a modern-day mental health company on a mission to make mental healthcare and wellness support available to employees and individuals. Intellect is Asia’s largest and fastest-growing mental health tech company, serving leading organisations and over 3 million users through its platform.

Intellect was named the Best Corporate Wellness Provider by Human Resources Online and is backed by leading investors such as Tiger Global, Insignia Venture Partners, Y Combinator, HOF Capital, MS&AD Ventures, East Ventures, and many more leading venture funds, family offices, big tech executives, and renowned angel investors.

Manage in-house employee support with Intellect (Paid/Free)

Our award-winning platform provides preventive and responsive care for workforces so they can find balance in their personal and professional lives. We serve leading organisations and over 3 million users through our platform.

We have also built our in-house helpline responder network which has been strictly vetted and trained to provide effective in-the-moment support, addressing the gaps in traditional employee assistance program (EAP) helplines.

Intellect also offers a personalised coaching experience for those looking to better manage stress or emotions, navigate their career or simply seek life coaching support. Users can comfortably share, discuss and collaborate with experienced coaches to explore opportunities and work towards self-improvement in a secure environment.

Specifically, Intellect Dimensions is a 26-item framework that takes the guesswork out by helping leaders and businesses see the ROI of our platform through a research-proven measurement that records matrices such as productivity and workplace absenteeism levels. It measures the workforce’s well-being and productivity across five categories: psychological resources, work outcomes, well-being, stigma, and absenteeism.

Slack to manage communication (Paid/Free)

Slack is a workplace communication tool and the main communication platform we use in our everyday work. Intellect is available in a total of 20 countries and has teams based in more than 10 countries. Slack makes communication within and across teams a lot faster, which is crucial for a startup.

It also offers integration for other apps or platforms we use regularly, such as Google Drive, Zoom and Hubspot. The integration of the workplace tools we use on a daily basis allows us to share documents and files across teams in real time, increasing our productivity as we are able to comment on various documents and get instant feedback.

Real-time collaboration helps us to communicate faster and more efficiently while keeping everything documented in one place.

Upgrade your project and task management with Notion (Paid/Free)

Notion is a project and task management tool that we use for keeping all project-related information in one place, building workflows quickly and sharing across teams. It’s a great collaborative tool and we use it for various purposes, from setting up to-do lists to brainstorming and managing events.
In a fast-paced startup environment, Notion is an especially useful tool when it comes to increasing productivity and organisation. Notion also allows us to easily assign tasks and manage projects across teams, which is especially useful when we are planning campaigns or large-scale events. Roadmaps in Notion are also great for us to visualise our project plans, enabling everyone to have a fuller picture of what steps, resources, and people are involved in each specific task.

This tool was especially helpful in ensuring the deconfliction of roles, establishing and following timelines and bringing to life our annual Mental Health Festival Asia 2022.

Sprinto helps automate cloud compliance (Paid)

Sprinto is a compliance automation software for cloud-hosted companies, integrating with companies’ cloud setups to consolidate risk, map entity-level controls, and run fully-automated checks. It helps us to monitor security risks through regular automated checks and ensures that we are compliant with industry standards.

With Sprinto, we are able to monitor entity-level controls against compliance frameworks for any gaps in security lapses as the tool automatically nudges corrective actions and captures compliance evidence in an audit-friendly manner. It integrates easily with our own platforms, reducing the barriers to mapping controls, and helping us to conduct thorough risk assessments.

This allows us to put in place healthy operational practices, freeing the engineering teams’ time to focus on other priorities as it takes away the burden of figuring out security compliances with pre-approved, auditor-grade compliance programs.

Enhance your collaboration with Figma (Paid)

Figma is an all-in-one web-based collaborative web application for interface design, promoting seamless and effective, real-time collaboration between teams. Its intuitive tools allow both designers and non-designers to improve workflows and get creative without having to download multiple licensed software.

We use Figma across various teams and for different purposes. Specifically within our product team, they mainly use Figma for prototyping and UI designing. Other teams also use Figma for collaborative and design purposes, especially for marketing and event collaterals for our partners and clients.
Specifically for our client success and marketing teams, Figma is one of the tools they use to effectively customise and scale communications efforts to buyers and our client’s end users.