Finding downtime and being able to connect with the things that you enjoy is always a rewarding experience. However, it can start to feel unpleasant when the novelty begins to fade away from your pastimes, and you’re risking overexposure. With that in mind, why not research how you can expand your interest in these areas? That might leave you with a more varied palette and a greater range of ways to spend your free time – which is unlikely to be a bad thing.

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What you might turn to first when looking at how to do this could be the choice of digital tools that are at your disposal thanks to modern technology.

Film and TV

With streaming services being as popular as they are, these companies are trying harder than ever to win your attention – and the form that this often takes is a deluge of fresh programming. Movies are included here too, but with the bigger names still making a lot of money in theatres, streaming services might feel more inclined to put their resources towards series – as seen with blockbuster shows like Prime’s Rings of Power.

However, when it comes to these streaming services, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many titles (both exclusive and otherwise), that knowing where to begin or even navigating the library can be incredibly daunting. With that in mind, it’s worth knowing a way to get around. Netflix can sometimes keep its genres somewhat hidden – though that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Knowing the secret codes for streaming can help you to browse through the genres that you find most interesting, leading you to new favourites based on what you’ve previously enjoyed and allowing for more efficient use of the platform.


It might be that you prefer to be a more active participant in the entertainment that you enjoy – meaning that video games could be where you find yourself most at home. With individual games becoming more and more expensive as time passes, the prospect of trying new games can seem more inaccessible than ever. Fortunately, there are services that look to remedy this very situation. The two primary options available here are GamePass and PS Plus, the first of which is Microsoft’s offering and the latter being Sony’s. However, that doesn’t necessarily make these choices as locked to their respective consoles as you might have come to expect – meaning that they’re options worth investigating even if you’re a PC gamer.

Of course, these are going to come with subscription costs – which is the difficulty involved here. That being said, if you’re someone who wants to play a wide variety of games without needing to commit to the individual price tag of each console, it’s worth perusing the libraries of each available service in order to see if they appeal to you. After all, part of the benefit of services such as these is that you can cut the cost if it’s starting to eat into your finances more than you would like it to.


Reading is a pastime that might strike you as being altogether different from the two previously mentioned. The main reason for this could simply be due to the fact that those are digital, while this is something that you can do offline and away from a screen – in fact, that might be what you value most about it. How, then, can digital tools help you to expand your interest in this non-digital hobby? 

First of all, it’s worth addressing the chance that this could be more of a digital hobby than some expect, thanks to the presence of Kindles and reading apps that can help to expand your interest in that direction if that calls to you. Secondly, though, there are a number of sites like World of Books that can help you to find a source of second-hand books that can make reading a new title easier and cheaper than it might otherwise be. Books aren’t yet as expensive as new games are, but that doesn’t mean that buying a new book regularly isn’t going to get expensive. Sites such as this might even have you browsing physical charity shops more regularly – something that can have you exploring a more sustainable market, finding cheaper options, and spending your day in new ways. This can help to keep your interest in reading away from the screens if that’s something that you found especially valuable about it up to this point.