Regardless of the motivation behind your desire to revolutionize the speed, quality, efficiency, and overall productivity levels of your home technology—and indeed, whether you are a passionate online gamer or you run your own online business from home—you have certainly come to the right place.

The top 5 ways to beat gadget addiction

Continue reading to discover a detailed guide to improving the performance of your home technology. 

Switch Internet Providers

Although the way in which the internet has rapidly taken over has been incredibly impressive, the online world and Wi-Fi connections are both relatively new inventions, and it is highly likely that you have simply remained with your current internet provider as they were the ones you first signed up with years ago. 

People who have never experienced the convenience and speed of a high-quality internet connection will be unaware of just how much better it can be, so perhaps the most effective way of improving the performance of your home technology is to switch providers. 

From installing an innovative mesh extender for Wi-Fi speed throughout your home to changing the wiring system itself, you owe it to yourself to conduct research into the latest developments in home internet connections. 

Spend time “cleaning up” your PC and laptop

Just as the human brain becomes tired and slower having been working flat-out for an entire day, your laptop and desktop computers also need time to reboot and refresh. 

Understandably, many people make the expensive mistake of assuming, when their computer appears to be running slower than usual and crashes periodically, that it is time to throw it away and buy a new one. 

Obviously, with your own laptop or desktop computer, this could indeed be the case, but it is certainly worth taking the time to follow these steps to “clean” the systems, as this could negate the need to waste money on a new machine:

  • Update your computer’s core operating system 
  • Delete all unnecessary and outdated files 
  • Increase the volume of the RAM (random access memory)
  • Start using an external hard drive for storage
  • Turn your computer off rather than just closing the screen
  • Invest in comprehensive computer and internet security 

Not only will following the above steps mean your work will become significantly easier to complete (and on a faster and more reliable computer), but you will also be able to hang on to your current technology for much longer and therefore avoid costly replacements. 

Invest in smart technology

One hugely popular change to the way people choose to run and manage their homes in this modern world where—like it or not—technology appears to be king, is to invest in one or more items of smart technology. 

Not only can different smart technology components save you time and increase the overall efficiency level of your home, but they can also save you money. 

Installing a smart doorbell either in addition to your current doorbell or indeed to replace it, is an excellent example of how technology can improve your home life. Essentially, such doorbells include a camera that points to the front of your home, so any potential intruders can be warned off (or at least recorded) when committing an offence. Furthermore, smart doorbells also save you valuable time having to head to your local sorting office to pick up parcels, as you can also instruct the mailman, through the integrated speaker, to hide the parcel around the back of your property. 

Other smart technology gadgets that have been specifically designed to improve the efficiency of a home include smart thermostats, smart door locks, and smart speakers. 

Sync all of your devices together

If you run a small online business from your property, or if you spend some or even all of your time working from home, another incredibly effective change when it comes to the applications and software packages you utilize on a daily basis is to sync each device to the next. 

For Apple and iPhone users, logging into your personal or business iCloud account will automatically ensure that all applications are updated simultaneously. An excellent example of this would be when using the “Notes” application on either your Mac or iPhone, as anything you create in terms of a Word document on one will automatically and instantly appear on the other. Moreover, not only is it entirely possible to synchronize your Word documents and PDFs, either with iCloud or by using a reliable platform such as Google Chrome, but you can also go one step further and sync your browser histories and internet tabs too.