Forget innovators, mavericks and so on, being a leader is really about dealing with people. The larger the team gets, the more important it is to manage said team well. This means adjusting to the people and helping them adjust to the company as a whole. This will bring out the best in your employees.

Workplaces are more diverse than ever before with people from different backgrounds sharing a common space for hours on end. These differences don’t end at nationality, but also encompass beliefs, values, and vision. The best leaders get the best out of their teams by motivating them, inspiring them and helping them grow together as a team.

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Leading a group of individuals with varying personalities is no easy task.  To be able to lead effectively, here are some tips:

Find the correct person to fill the role

A thorough selection process is invaluable and has greater long-term benefits, even if this means you spend more time than you’d like to find the right person. Hiring for the sake of hiring someone isn’t worth the longterm hassle of dealing with cultural issues. This ends up costing you more money in the long run. Investing your time and money in people who truly specialize in the role your company needs will have immense benefits in the future.

Create a respectful culture

Respect is a basic human aspect that many forget in stressful times like a normal day at a startup. Leaders should be aware of the pervasive culture in the office and look to help resolve any conflict that can lead to dissension.

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From managing introverts and extroverts, it may be a case of helping people break out of their shell or giving those who need it, outlets for their passion and energy. This can help keep a team together even if they are very different.

It is important to acknowledge that every team member is equal in the workplace and has their own unique needs. While you can’t be expected to bend over backward for everyone, a great leader often finds ways to bring people together and find compromises that keep the workplace happy.

Recognise or if possible reward real effort

We all love bonuses, but that might not be feasible all the time. Therefore, to boost the team’s confidence, a leader shouldn’t forget to appreciate and give positive feedback.

Great leaders don’t need the glory or seek validation; they already know what they’ve achieved. They take the time to celebrate their team’s accomplishments, which helps boost the confidence in everyone.

Engage your team

Leaders need to learn how to manage their teams without stifling them. From keeping extroverts on track, so that they don’t derail meetings or takeover conversations to engaging introverts to give them a voice.

To engage is crucial because leaders have this responsibility to bring out the best in people.

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Celebrate both successes and failures

This may seem odd to some people, but celebrating the successes and failures brings your team together. If someone does a great job at something, give them a shout-out to let them know that their effort is recognised and appreciated. This also helps each person to feel visible and that what they’re doing has an impact.

When things go awry and your team fails at something, come together to help turn things around or find a way to spin it into something positive. Don’t play the blame game and demoralise your team. Give your team equal responsibility to put your heads together and figure out the next steps or pivots.