Delighted customers are a business’s most valuable asset. This is because not only do they come back and buy from you again but leave positive online reviews, and evangelize to other potential customers, convincing them to buy too. With that in mind, find out how to impress your customers every time they interact with your business. 

Keep it personal 

No one likes being treated like a faceless or an anonymous entity, or explaining their problem or needs to every representative of a business that they come across. Indeed, this situation can become very draining and cause customers to get burned out and use your competitors instead. 

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With that in mind, you must show your customers that you see and value them as an individual. One way to do this is to personalize all communication including marketing, not only by adding names but also by sending offers and products that you know exactly match your customer’s needs. 

Of course, it will be very hard to do this unless you have an effective way of collecting and navigating detailed notes about each customer, and whereabouts they are in the sales process. Luckily a good CRM can help here and this can make storing and accessing customer data a breeze. For best results choose a CRM that has been built specifically with your industry in mind. For example, a construction CRM designed for those in the construction industry will offer specific benefits unique to the needs of your business including being able to add images of jobs to make communication clearer and easier, as well as simple and quick asset management for every project you work on. 

Go above and beyond for your current customers 

While it may seem like keeping current customers happy is a lot of work, it’s a great deal easier to do than going out and finding new ones. This is because new customers need to be walked through the process of awareness, interest, desire, action, and loyalty that make up your sales funnel. 

However current customers are already past step 4 action as they have bought something from you before, and so it only takes one more step to (loyalty) to retain them and get them to buy from you again, thereby saving your business a great deal of money. What that means is as well as seeking out new customers to impress you should be investing time and money into making sure your previous customers stay loyal. 

The good news is there are a range of things you can do to go above and beyond for your previous customers. These include asking them for feedback, and offering them rewards and loyalty programs for both buying from you and recommending you to others in their lives. 

Be responsive 

Customers hate waiting, and anything you can do to make their experience with you more responsive will help impress them and retain their business. Of course, one of the most effective ways of being as responsive as possible is to use a chatbot on your website. This is because a chatbot can give customers immediate answers to their questions and queries, something that will both help them to feel valued, and ensure that nothing gets in the way of their buying decisions. 

Indeed chatbots can even be programmed to help customers with basic queries when there is no human available at the other end, which means your business can continue to be responsive even outside of business hours. 

Listen to your clients 

The business-client relationship is complex and interdependent. Yes, they need your products, but you also need them to buy your product or service to thrive. That means getting good at listening to your clients is very important. After all, who is better qualified to tell you how to impress your clients and keep them happy than those clients themselves? 

To that end, it can be very useful to ask for client feedback after each key touchpoint in the sales process. Although you need to be careful how you do this. This is because asking for open-ended feedback with little specificity and guidance can often be very overwhelming for the client, something that tends to result in a very low response. 

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Instead by structuring feedback in terms of marks out of five, short multiple choice surveys or using survey builders for more in-depth projects, you can improve the customer’s experience of giving feedback, and also get much more useful information that you can use to impress more clients in the future. 

Make it easy for your customers to interact with you

To delight your customers you need to be easily contactable. This means not only do you need a business phone number and email, but a social media presence as well. Indeed, many businesses use social media as a way to interact with customers and field their queries. 

Additionally, creating an app that your customers can use can raise the chances that they will be delighted. One of the main benefits of creating an app for your business is that it makes it incredibly easy for your customers to contact and interact with you, as all they have to do is open the app on their phones. 

A company app can also be used to make their shopping experience better as fast as it can house an e-store along with integrated one-click payment. You can even use an app to collect information on your customer’s preferences, which means you can delight them by sending them special offers that are tailored directly to their needs. 

Be reliable 

It may seem obvious but to impress your customers and ensure their view of your business remains positive, it’s crucial that you are reliable and trustworthy in every interaction and agreement with them. What this means is that if you agree to do something, no matter how small you do it. By acting in this way you show that your business is capable and trustworthy and that you value your customers’ business and time.