We shine a spotlight on Richard Nilsson, CEO and Founder, MyPetGo in Tech Tools. We aim to discover how amazing entrepreneurs, business leaders and trailblazers manage their work and day with the help of the many technology tools out there.

Richard is a serial tech entrepreneur who moved to Hong Kong as a 22-year-old from his native Sweden to launch his first venture. He has a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Studies from the Swedish School of Entrepreneurship. Over the last 15 years, he has built high-growth, high-margin tech businesses with teams of over 300 professionals across Asia. He has built media platforms, business models, and marketplaces.

Richard previously co-founded LifestyleAsia.com in 2006 to fill a void in the Asian online luxury and lifestyle publishing industry/space. Pre-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, smartphones, tablets, and sophisticated and user-friendly digital publishing, Lifestyle Asia launched.

Following the successful launch of the Hong Kong market, the venture expanded to Singapore in 2008, Thailand in 2009, Malaysia in 2012, India in 2018 and France in 2019, with the Paris edition scheduled to open in 2019. In December 2016, Richard managed the company’s sales to German media and technology conglomerate Hubert Burda Media via their international arm, Burda International.

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Richard began working on MyPetGo in 2020, with the goal of revolutionising the pet-tech industry. MyPetGo is a health and location monitor for dogs and cats that, when combined with artificial intelligence (AI), provides the user with next-step data-driven recommendations to a network of locally curated service providers. MyPetGo’s pet health monitor and pet-tech solution are designed to assist pet carers in making the best decisions for their pets’ health and longevity.

MyPetGo is a pet wellness and location tracker, which aims to create a one-stop platform where pet owners can access the most advanced pet tech solutions, empowering them to make better and smarter decisions to improve their pet’s health and well-being. The platform track a pet’s vital signs, unique behavioural traits, and real-time location tracking using an advanced wearable that interprets complex health insights and sends critical alerts, allowing pet owners to detect health risks and connect to a wide range of trusted pet care services, including televets, pet insurance providers, pet stores, and more.

Airtable for managing inventory (PAID)

Airtable is like google sheets on steroids, and we use it primarily for building databases and workflows. The platform is a really well designed tool, with intuitive UI and many available integrations, plus you can switch your views at the tap of a button to suit any preference. We use this to manage our manufacturing and inventory, and it allows us to keep track of our stock and understand each item’s active status, batch number and unique ID’s, location, and assigned customer. The search and filtering functions on Airtable are superb, allowing managers to view specific items at speed and the tool has really helped us improve our efficiency.

Handling customer service with Crisp (PAID)

Crisp is our selected customer support tool and we love the way they have designed their dashboard. It’s much less complicated than Intercom, which is now rather bulky and hard to navigate through their ever changing pricing plans. Crisp allows us to have a live chat both on the web and also integrated within our application, so we can keep track of customer queries, complaints and feedback. The tool also allows you to create a knowledge based help centre, which is article based, and the layout is easy to use and you can upload images, videos, GIF’s and other media to help boost your support articles. For those on the paid plan, you can also create your own customised chat-bot which will help you automate your customer success process and furthermore, you can design the layout of your front-facing support tools in your own company branding, to give it an authentic and consistent look and feel.

Figma for collaborative design (PAID)

As a company that is focussed on UI/UX, our creative team members use FIGMA for managing our design flows. As a highly collaborative tool, our design team can work closely with other departments like marketing, product and engineering for real-time feedback and managing iteration requests. The tool has all the major functions any designer would need to create anything from wireframes to high fidelity mock-ups, marketing collateral and social media campaign assets to more complex design themes such as mobile app screens and website pages. You can view all of your design progress in real-time and the folder and management side of the platform is easy to use, so all of your files and projects are quick to locate and easy to export.

Trello makes project management easy (FREE)

Everyone loves Trello! It’s by far the simplest project management tool out there and best of all, the free plan has enough functions for us to manage our entire product development process. Our developers use an agile framework for development, and Trello supports this through its Kanban themed card based system. This allows us to create ‘sprints’ where each developer will be assigned priority tasks to cover a week’s work and this can be managed with ease using Trello. Our product owners and engineering directors can use Trello to get a clear oversight on our development progress and this helps us manage our delivery timelines efficiently.

AppsFlyer to track our analytics (PAID)

AppsFlyer is our go to analytics engine to help us optimise our acquisition funnel and A/B test different marketing methods across our digital sales channels. AppsFlyer allows us to measure app downloads, view behavioural insights, and manage retargeting campaigns and one of their top benefits is security and data privacy meaning our digital marketers can stay compliant when targeting international customers across the world with specific data privacy laws. The tool allows us to get a birdseye view on the success of our marketing campaigns and this data makes sure we can make fast changes to our strategies when we see certain channels are not working so well. The platform is easy to set up and can integrate with all of your online channels and the reporting and visibility on the dashboard is user-friendly and simple to understand.